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WORK > 2023 > New National Dish: Norway

New National Dish: Norway is where experts and eaters convene to imagine, taste and debate the possibility of a new national dish for a climate-changed Norway.

As we approach the 10 year anniversary of Sylvi Listhaug’s campaign for a New National Dish for Norway, one artwork asks “what should the National Dish(es) for Norway be in 2023 and beyond?” The artwork re-enacts the peculiar campaign to crown a New National Dish via public survey and includes one artist’s personal reflection on food and belonging.

How should we imagine, taste and debate a range of food futures and food cultures for a climate-changed Norway? Do we need a national dish at all and what about the possibility of a NorVegan National Dish? Fill out a survey at the the exhibition, attend a live cooking competition on Sunday April 16th or contribute your ideas online using  the hashtags: